Festival Dust

One place to access and personalize all Music Festival schedules.

We are festival-goers, ravers, and music-lovers who got tired of downloading a new clunky app for every festival we went to. So, we built our own! Our ultimate mission is to create the most seamless experience of finding your favorite artists at music festivals.

Our Values

Users First

We are festival-goers and ravers ourselves. We know the frustration of using apps catered to the festivals themselves. Our app is built with the ravers at the forefront.

Truly All Music Festivals

The number of music festivals in the U.S. is constantly increasing. We’ll continuously strive to keep as many music festivals up to date as we can.

Offline Availability

Music Festivals are notorious for bad cell reception. Apps are notorious for not working offline. Our app will always be built with the ability to access schedules offline.


Our App

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